Lightning Tab Icons

Requests for improvements to Setup screen are hot topic for all roles. I expressed the similar opinion in the True to the Core session at last year’s World Tour Tokyo. I’m looking forward to future updates. But what about existing features?

Why oh why

You still see classic tab icons in tab setup page in Lightning Experience. It may just be an icon, but the problem is the fact that the UX is not integrated, and that is one of its clearest evidences.

As a first aid measure, I just created a page with each icon side by side.

It was easy. Scraping through the tab’s settings page, you can see the Classic icons and their names. There are icons with the same name in the Lightning Design System. I wonder why this does not show the actual setting page, but bookmark this if you like!

Wishing you a pleasant experience with your tab settings and application settings.

Written on Jul 13, 2023.

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